Here we are using Damn Vulnerable DeFi is an Ethereum smart contract wargame developed by @tinchoabbate from OpenZeppelin for Testing Purpose.

challenge 1


Smart Contracts and How it works ?

Understanding the code written in Solidity

Smart contract Deployment and Testing

What are FlashLoans? 🙄

Understand DOS vulnerability in Smart Contract

Exploiting DOS Vulnerability in Smart Contract:

After reading given challenge #1, we understood that we have to stop the functionality of offering flash loans Simply, the challenge is to DOS the contract.

Step 1 :

First, we have to review the contract source code:

Part 1 : Hunting Vulnerabilities in Smart contracts

  • Independent Information Security Consultant focusing on security assessments (applications, infrastructures and smart contracts)
  • Previously worked as bug bounty hunter with Multiple organizations like Microsoft (MSRC), Google, Zoho etc
  • here is my personal portfolio

So first how smart contracts works ? 🤔

The best way to understand that is by imagining a vending machine. Each and every step that you take acts like a trigger for the next step to execute itself. So, let’s examine the steps that you will take while interacting with the vending machine:


Step 1: You give the vending machine some money.

Step 2: You punch in the button corresponding to the item that you want.

Step 3: The item comes out and you collect it.

Now look at all those…

Basic Cross Site Request Forgery

CSRF (Cross site request forgery) is the vulnerability that tricks the user to submit the malicious request if there is no implementation of the Anti-CSRF tokens in the forms or site. When implemented your website will include a random generated number or token to every page which is impossible to guess by the attacker so will include it when they serve it to you. It differs each time they serve any page to anybody so attacker won’t be able to generate a valid request because of the wrong token.

Affected Product:


Hello, Guys, I m back with a new Story on bug bounty, I found this bug last year on AT&T bug bounty program (Now its H1 Program), thought of sharing it

So here I would like to share how I got 1000$ for reporting CSRF vulnerability in AT&T which Leads to user account takeover

here you will get to know the importance of Account Takeover 👊:v:) ,

So here’s how it went on, earlier during my engineering 3rdyear, I had too much free time, That time my daily schedule was like,

Eat-> Sleep -> Bug Hunting -> Repeat

CSRF (Cross…

Hi Guyz found a very common Vulnerability in oxford’s web portal

Disclosed report -

Vulnerability Found: Host Header Poisoning


Description :
Modifying the Host header in Mavenlink’s password reset functionality would inject an attacker’s link into the password reset email.
When clicked, this would send the password reset token to the attacker’s server, allowing for the attacker to reset the target’s password.

Vulnerable URL :

  1. ) Open up Firefox and Burp Suite.)
    2.) Visit the forgot password page (/user/request_reset_password)
    3.) Enter the victim’s email address and click Reset and Email Password
    4.) …

chaliye shuru Karte Hai

I’m going to talk about a common and strange password reset system that I have seen many times in Bug Hunting and in many VAPT projects. and in many cases this system opens the door to attacker to hack user’s accounts.

The story started when I was testing Change password function on this website but I found something interesting. After I changed my password successfully via Change Password Functionality, I noticed the following request:

I am Adesh Nandkishor Kolte an Independent Security Resercher From India

and also working with SecureLayer7 as a Security Consultant

Talking about Microsoft bug bounty first point they only accept submission which is high impact. Big `NO` to low hanging fruits and big `NO` if you can not exploit the bug. I was testing one of Microsoft domain — Service Trust Portal (STP).
During the testing, I came across below feature in their portal where you can add Portal users and Portal admin. …

SQL Injection Vulnerability In University Of Cambridge


Introduction Of Author:

I am Adesh Nandkishor Kolte ,An Independent Security Resercher From India

Found a SQL Injection Vulnerability in University Of Cambridge

This is the most prevalent and most dangerous of web application vulnerabilities. Having this SQLi vulnerability in the application, an attacker may cause severe damage such as bypassing logins, retrieving sensitive information, modifying, deleting data. Sometimes this costs life when it comes to Healthcare, Banking domains. Okay introduction apart, the objective of this article is to exploit and read some sensitive data from the database. If you don’t know…


This is Adesh Nandkishor Kolte

First Read This Articles

After reading both articles I figure out new way to carry out the XSS attack ,discovered that due to an outdated Jira instance, I was able to exploit an SSRF vulnerability in Jira and was able to perform several actions such as bypass any firewall/protection solutions and etc

so i just tried some basics tricks with google for finding the web apps which used jira integration

got web europa

so i quickly visited


And Boom i got the google page and i m like

Hello Guyz

This Is Adesh Nandkishor Kolte

An Independent Security Resercher From India

AT&T Bug Bounty Board has authorized a payout of $750.00 for Me in recognition of on one or more report submissions that AT&T have remediated during 1Q18..

AT&T Inc. is an American multinational conglomerate holding company headquartered at Whitacre Tower in downtown Dallas, Texas. AT&T is the world’s largest telecommunications company.

Arbitrary Code Execution Vulnerability

Recently, I found an interesting issue Remote Code Execution for AT&T bug bounty program.

But before going into this let’s understand Arbitrary Code Execution

Arbitrary Code Execution also know as command injection is a technique…

Adesh Kolte

Listed in Top 100 most respected hackers in the world by Microsoft at the BlackHat conference in America 2018

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